We're a Estonian regulated financial company, providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency.

We are a group of expert professionals in the area of finance, enthusiasts in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Now we are in 2018, a year where cryptocurrencies have already reached the media, television series, billboards, and many other sites that are helping mass adoption. In this way, our clients will be able to know all the potential that the industry offers, where it is no longer only large investors or corporations that have access to the best large-scale projects, but that every person with adequate training and access to the Internet can benefit without investing large amounts.

Our Solutions

Our products and solutions are carefully designed to fit in everyday life. Our powerful resources and tools allow you or your company to thrive in any social context.

Our Purpose

Zoom in on the Blockchain Technology, Digital Wallets, Trading, and the Cryptocurrencies. We firmly believe that a global exchange of value is possible ... Do you join the new economy?

Our Values

All our operations, in quantities as in identification of users are regulated by the laws in force. If your intentions are not legal, we are not your company.

Aware of the settings

Aware of the settings

Be innovative

Be innovative

Build trust

Build trust

Ethical behavior

Ethical behavior

Bring talents together

Bring talents together


We are located in Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates and United States. Flexibility is our Strength

We are a consolidated group in the sector of finance and economic strategies and solutions, we offer clients a wide range of services. We carry out the development of Fintech technology until exchange and cryptocurrencies, with a presence in almost all the continents around the world, and headquarters in the most strategic countries in the finances world, we can provide you everything you need.

Modern Design

Our products and solutions are custom-tailored, based on the latest market trends.


We are focused on finding new and better ways to create appropriate financial products and services.

Fully support

Our systems are compatible with every worldwide financial institution.

Expert Team

Our financial experts are among the best in their fields, and are ready to address your needs.

Compliance Solutions

We are compliant with every regulation, and we will guide you to stay compliant with local and international laws.

24/7 Support

Our staff and virtual financial advisors are available 24/7.

Select a country/services

With a presence in many countries around the world, MPC continues to offer complex gamma of services thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, and our people.

We're all connected.

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