Born in Luxembourg to be an autonomous, self-sufficient company and leader in the stock market.

MPC GLOBAL S.C.S.p. It is one of the youngest broker-dealer houses in the market. We go out to the market independently with an operation inherited from the financial system and its own strategy of promotion and commercialization of the services and benefits offered by the stock market.

In this way, we develop our own portfolio of clients. Today we are consolidated as one of the houses of emerging values, the result of our constant innovation and investment in technology that we put to consideration of our clients.

Our Solutions

Address the needs of intermediation of securities and financial structuring of people, companies and, institutions with products of high added value, timely service, free of errors and very competent.

Our Purpose

To be recognized as the reference broker-dealer house of values in terms of efficiency, innovation, and service.

Our Values

We follow the practices established by Good Corporate Governance, and have all the internal planning, implementation, administration and control bodies, headed by the company's own Shareholders' Meeting.

Aware of the settings

Aware of the settings

Be innovative

Be innovative

Build trust

Build trust

Ethical behavior

Ethical behavior

Bring talents together

Bring talents together


We are located in Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates and United States. Flexibility is our Strength

We are a consolidated group in the finance sector with economic strategies and solutions. We offer clients a wide range of services. We carry out the development of fintech technology for exchange and cryptocurrencies, with a presence in almost all the continents around the world. Our headquarters are in the most strategic countries in the world to meet the needs of our clients.

Modern Design

Our products and solutions are custom-tailored, based on the latest market trends.


We are focused on finding the best ways to create state-of-the-art financial products and services.

Fully support

Our systems are compatible with every worldwide financial institution.

Expert Team

Our financial experts are among the best in their fields, and they are ready to address our clients’ needs.

Compliance Solutions

We are compliant with every regulation, and we will help you maintain compliance with local and international laws.

24/7 Support

Our staff and virtual financial advisors are available 24/7.

Select a country/services

With a presence in many countries around the world, MPC offers comprehensive services that represent our clear vision, upheld values, and talented people.

We're all connected.

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