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When buying a voucher one is aware of how much the voucher will pay and how often the interest will be paid, which can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Investment bonds are financial instruments that can be used by government entities or private companies, with the objective of obtaining funds from financial markets, that is, the issuer of the bond delivers a title in the name of the bearer where it undertakes to return the capital together with interests in a certain time. These interests can be fixed or variable, that will depend on the agreement agreed between the parties.

Convertible bonds

Convertible bonds

It is a debt issued by corporations that give the bondholder the option to convert the bonds into shares of common stock at a later date.

Callable bonds

Callable bonds

If interest rates have declined since the company first issued the bond, the company is likely to want to refinance this debt at a lower rate of interest.

Government Bonds

Government Bonds

It can be issued by national governments as well as lower levels of government. At the national or federal level, these government bonds are known as "sovereign" debt and are backed by the ability of a nation to tax its citizens and to print currency.


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The price of futures evolves in parallel to the underlying stock price.

Futures are traded on official and organized markets

A financial future is a purchase-sale operation that consists of determining the conditions today but postponing the actual execution of the operation at another time in the future. The buyer of a future contract has the obligation to buy the corresponding asset such as shares, commodities, etc. on the due date, and the seller of that same future contract has the obligation to deliver the asset to the buyer on said due date..

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