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Exchange Trade Fund

The ETF has a net asset value, which is in line with its market value, although the real value will not be known until the end of the trading day.

ETF is an investment instrument whose main characteristic is that when operating, it is done as if it were an action. You can buy and sell as easily and as many times as you want or need throughout the day. ETFs are intermediate products that coincide with both traditional investment funds and stocks. They could not be classified from one side or the other.



The price of the ETF is known at all times. Represents the index, so you always know what values are part of the ETF, what is your quote, etc.



You are allow to buy or sell ETFs throughout the trading day, do not wait until the end of the day.



ETFs are products formed by shares of different sectors, which allows you to diversify through a single investment product.



ETFs allow you to benefit from the returns offered by all the elements that make up your portfolio.

A advisers' team with great records in investment and risk analysis.

When advising you, we will recommend the products that best suit your personal situation, so that it is useful to analyze your knowledge and experiences.


Therefore, we see that quoted funds are very interesting financial products for several reasons:

  • They allow more active investment strategies.
  • They make it possible to reach a reasonable level of diversification quickly and easily.
  • They involve lower management fees.
  • It brings us closer to the investment alternatives already existing in other markets around us.

We offer the best service to advise you.

Diversification is the key to reducing risks. In the case of ETFs, there is not always a good diversification, even if there is one. There are ETFs that, although they replicate to one of the most important markets, are not always beneficial and include many risks. Our key is the study of ETFs, we are experts in the area.

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