Supporting top management to have an immediate vision of the indicators (KPIs) that give clarity in decision making.

Effective decisions through intelligent processes

We have a Business Intelligence model at the service of companies, capable of optimizing work processes, in order to improve our client's performance.

Companies usually have an extensive volume of information on which to take action and decisions. Given this problem, the Business Intelligence (BI) area of ​​MPC is responsible for developing effective solutions that support for decision making in the business environment, having a consolidated, centralized and avoiding the islands of information.


Our analytical strategies help to adopt efficient measures for business development.

We unify and homogenize the data, generating a Data Warehouse so that our client has a solid base on which to carry out actions in his company, transforming the data into useful information for analysis and decision support.

Reengineering Process

Reengineering Process

We improve the management system by means of process reengineering, showing the scenarios of before and after.
Operation of accounting systems

Operation of accounting systems

Support to the operation of accounting systems to take a perfect control of the scales, statements of results and figures that warn about the healthy performance of a company.

We detail some of the competitive advantages of having a Business Intelligence system within an organization

  • It helps increase efficiency.
  • It allows you to obtain answers in an agile way to the questions that arise from the business:
  • Ensures the execution of accurate steps in any business with reliable and accurate information:
  • It will provide better control and visibility over the different functional areas of the company:
  • From production, inventory, marketing, purchasing, to after-sales service Help to know the behavior of our customers.

We are a benchmark company in data analysis

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With a presence in many countries around the world, MPC continues to offer complex gamma of services thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, and our people.

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