A full range of investment advisory services designed to create enduring wealth for you and generations to come.

You make the final decisions on your investments.

MPC Switzerland presents to its clients strategies, business plans, knowledge of the market perspectives in order to create value for a long time, and protect it.

We can offer you a range of financial products and recommendations. This implies that you are doing financial advice.

The advisory service has been in accordance with the rules of conduct of the securities markets, especially in relation to the evaluation of the suitability of the financial instruments that refer to the client according to their circumstances, knowledge and investment objectives, to the clarity and the previous information about the expenses and associated expenses as well as the necessity of each constant recommendation in writing or in a reliable way.


We are committed to you


When advising you, we will recommend the products that best suit your personal situation, so that it is useful to analyze your knowledge and experiences.

Unique and Differential Service

  • Direct access to specialists via telephone
  • Personalized follow-up of the recommendations made and advisory positions of the portfolios
  • Proactive contact adapting the frequency of contact to the needs of the client

Dedicated team

  • More than 20 specialists
  • Average experience of more than 15 years in the financial markets
  • Coordination with the Private Banking Manager to guarantee a global service

We have an experienced team can help you

Our investment philosophy is guided by certain core beliefs about markets, diversification, and investment trade-offs leading us to a different investment conclusion.

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With a presence in many countries around the world, MPC continues to offer complex gamma of services thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, and our people.

We're all connected.

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